minecraft stuff

a collection of minecraft things i made. other stuff

little improvements: custom

little improvements: custom is an open-source resource pack picker that i coded from scratch. there is a team of three texture artists (kemiu, daggsy and myself) who make textures and resource packs for lic. website

resource packs

i make a bunch of tweaks resource packs, that aim to improve the vanilla game in small ways. these include:

all my resource packs can be found on my planet minecraft profile.

resource pack info

resource pack info is a small wiki for bits of info that can be useful when creating a minecraft resource pack. it’s mostly stuff that i didn’t find was immediately obvious when searching the web. website

simple auto clicker

simple auto clicker is a small program i made that has options to left or right click at different speeds for mob grinders, written in autohotkey. planet minecraft


i am the website and bot developer for the fingermaps team, a map making team that currently has two maps published. we aim to create unique and interesting maps using custom data packs, mechanics, resource packs and other stuff. website

vanilla extract

i’m also part of the team at vanilla extract, which is another minecraft resource pack picker. i made the discord bot and i help out with the website. website